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DeviantArt was the first online place I started showing my work. Its been most useful for trading posters, paste ups and stickers and I have met a lot of fantastic prolific artist here. Yet over the years i dare say its become some what outdated. I seem to receive more llama crap than feedback and so I show my work on other sites and DA is the one I tend to update last. For anyone interested heres where you will find my newest stuff first.






Its also fun to say that list fast.
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Hello folks I hope this message finds you well.

In 2011 I made a series of hand made books. The pages where made with sticker backing so stickers could be repositioned and removed and so that other stickers can be added. A collection of my work can be found inside. The books are unique and very limited since most where sold. The last few have been dug out and are being sold at the very low price of £12. Great for any collector or just someone looking for an easy way to carry there own stickers     

You can see the books and content here:…


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In the interest of upping my profile just a little more i have one of those Facebook fan pages, anyone interested can find me here:…

Like a virus i produce nothing worth while and  spread regardless. You can also find me here

Twitter: @SneakArts

These things are updated before DA most of the time

New work coming soon...


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be part of the mundane and join me on Twitter @sneak8



just made a bunch of hand drawn life sized pieces so a day of pasting in manchester is due as soon as the rain gives up. keep your eyes out chaps
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After about a year off this site i have retuned. Happy to see my work still getting looked at as well as a DD. cheers to all who check out my work. i will be putting up new work. anyone interested i have a new site

Piller project.
a project i took on a year ago almost. i lost the picturers and i recently revisted the location to take shots. the work is still up. for anyone on the project sorry it took so long. i have been without the net for a while now.

here are the shots from the project……………………………
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  • Listening to: Bob Dylan
So about 3 month back i posted the info for the piller colab project:…

I am closing this one now. there is still work i am waiting on which will be put up. if anyone else wants in let me know and u MUST send the work asap, im just a little busy to keep this going.

DA Artits work that has been pasted:
lung-carnage -
xHaStexo -
MrShanTwo -
Fleepaint -
stelaone -
uradhere -

Photos will be up soon

thanks a fuck load to evryone who contributed
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There is a large stone pillar in my town that i wanted to cover with art from anywhere and everywhere.The pillar already has work from many artist from England, Canada, USA and so on... no work that has been put up has been removed. its is a university area and the students dont wanna remove it. so here the deal, if anyone is interested getting there work up,

:bulletred: send me one to three pieces that can be wheat pasted up and it will be put up.
:bulletred: For work to stick to the walls and last prepare it on thin paper (home printer paper is fine)
:bulletred: this isn't huge so between A3/A2 size limit, or something there abouts....
:bulletred: The work can be posters or cut outs
:bulletred: Anything goes, No theme.

and im thinking of getting like 15/20 artist involved that should cover the whole thing.

i have no expectations here so any work! im just thinking mass colab
Please write your da name. somwhere when you send the work.

a few shots to give you an idea, (theirs more work on it than what is shown)… -  this shows how an a3 poster looks. BE SURE TO TAKE A LOOK FOR SIZE REFFERENCE
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stay in touch
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I am always looking to improve my batch and i feel its lacking something. anyone care to shed some light???

The way i make mine is: (i dont measure)

cold water and flower in a pan

heat the pan and stair till you get then consistency something like house hold paint (if im pasting on concrete/brick work i will add more flower and make it thicker)

bring it to boil and throw in a few table spoons of sugar, stair and let it simmer for a min or two

poor it in to a container or bucket or whatever then add a generous amount of PVA wood glue (this helps weather proof the work as well as making it stronger)

let the stuff cool then head out the door